Saturday, March 26, 2016

Quick update: alpha progress

Hi everyone,
this is just a small update.

GxL alpha 0.07 is still in the works and is planned for released next month.
I've also been thinking about Desires of Persphone and was thinking I might post what I've done of it, but I'll talk about that some more later.
Also I've posted 2 new polls for GxL on patreon.

That's all for now,
see you later.


  1. Who was Jo again? And who´s Will? And does you can choose to either use that condom or to refuse doing so? (and get the risk of getting pregnant) °.°

    1. Jo would be the guy who sells horses and Will is Colette's first boyfriend.
      I haven't added anyway to prevent pregnancy just yet(the condoms aren't functional), but in the next alpha, I plan to replace the condom item in the drug store with working birth control pills. By using these pills, you can prevent pregnancy during most of colette's sex scenes.
      Right now though, Jo's the only person that can cause Colette to get pregnant, so just try refusing to have sex with him for now to prevent pregnancy.

    2. But I want to get her pregnant! = o sooo how do i can get her pregnant? And what happens afterward? Is it only pregnant or also birth? Or is it Game over? Tell me more about it please! = D

    3. Sorry if something I said was misleading, right now the game will only hint at her being impregnated. If she has sex with Jo, the game will mention that Jo is a possible father to her child, but nothing beyond that is currently implemented though.
      I'm not sure of all the details just yet, but colette being pregnant will likely effect the game's storyline. But she won't become noticeably pregnant until a later point in the game.
      She will give birth to the baby, however that may or may not be around the end of the game. The game will also have about 3 "relationship routes" that will lead to different endings.
      Sorry I can't tell you much more since most of it is still in development.