Sunday, March 13, 2016

Girls x Lust - 0.06

Hi everyone,
Girls x Lust Alpha 0.06 is here and can now be downloaded now from the link below.
Click on the post title to view screenshots of the game and list of erotic scenes with animation (after the jump-------->>)

New features include ability to check your corruption level, expansion of main story-line, new events, 3 new h-scenes with animation, minor spelling/grammar fixes, and more.(To find Jo's new erotic scene, haggle with him a second time before you buy a horse.)

Download (no RTP)
Download with RTP included

Also, you'll need to download rpgmaker vxace run-time package if you don't have it installed already, you can download it here:

If you enjoyed this game, please consider supporting me on my patreon here, it will be a great a help to me and allow me to put aside more time to make h-games, you will also have access to the newest releases of  my works(alpha/beta level), including girlsxlust: 

Please feel free to leave feedback, comments and suggestions. ^^
that's all for now,
see you all later.

Edit: Added download link with RTP

List of erotic scenes with animation(note that this list only the h-scenes that include animation, not all h-scenes):
- Jo x Colette In Bed New 
- Mimi's Bathroom Masturbation New
- Pure's and Colette's Beach Licking New
- Pure's So Dirty Beach Sex
- Pure x Colette x Lotion
-  Henrietta's Incest On The Farm
- Colette's Skirt Job
- Elly x Colette Rape Version
- Elly x Colette
- Isabella's Public Masturbation
- Cure's Hardcore Prostitution Gang-Bang
- Mimi's Bedroom Masturbation
- Colette Blowjob
- Colette's Monorail Ride
- Divina and Panties
- Midori's and Colette's Sisterly Bath
- Pilica's Gang-Bang Threesome
- Mimi's Breasts Feeding
- Sophia Bar Grind Masturbation
- Tally Sex With Pirate(bar restroom)


  1. Could you upload a version with RTP for playing on Linux please ? I am considering becoming a patron if I can test your game.

    1. As far as I know RPG Maker VX ACE is only made to run on Windows operating systems. However, I looked it up a bit just now and it seems like it could be possible using an emulator such as Wine:

      However if you just mean you want the game with the RTP merged into it, I can export the game like that and post it here for you.
      I don't know much about linux OS, but thank you for your interest and I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

    2. Wine can run just fine any RPG Maker game if the RTP is already merged into it. So yeah, I was asking for an upload with the RTP merged into it. ^^
      I can't find the way to correctly install the RTP on my distrib, so I am dependent on devs uploading their games with the RTP.

      Thanks for the answer!

    3. Sure, I will try to reupload the game in that form tonight.

    4. Thanks to the version with RTP, I was able to download and test your game. It's fun :) Some lag when I am in the Mother District or in the House, dunno really why.
      I am gonna support you on Patreon.

    5. Glad you like it. I'm not sure if this is the reason but if my understanding is correct emulation requires much more resources from the computer vs just running normally without emulation, so that maybe causing the lag, but I'm not sure though.

      Also, thank you so much for your support. I will try to remember to also post a version with the RTP from now on.

  2. I know this has been asked before, but could it be possible to stop time from running while an event is active? Maybe let time move a set amount of time, depending on how long the event is, like 15-30 minutes? It's fine how time is handled while walking, but I hate button mashing through events so it won't be night time too soon. Also hinders watching the sex scenes.

    Another thing that could be added: Either setting the amount of time you want to sleep (4hours, 8 hours, for example) or being able to set a time to get out of bed (6AM, 6PM, for example).

    Otherwise, I've been enjoying this update and hope for many more to come, please keep it up

    1. Hi Max,

      Both of the features you requested are actually already in the game. Pressing the "S" key on the keyboard will freeze/unfreeze time, the words "Freeze" will appear in red letters on the lower right of the clock when time is manually frozen. Time can be manually frozen at any time expect when you are on the farm(time can also be frozen during events). This is mentioned, but only briefly at the beginning of the game.

      You can set the exact amount of time you want to sleep after you buy a clock, Heneritta will sell one to you at the farm.

      Thank you for you questions, and I'm glad you enjoyed the update. ^^

  3. "New features include ability to check your corruption level" how to do it? O.o
    oh, and where do i find the chocolate icecream?

    1. an other thing:
      is it normal thar the farm "progress" saves between different game? I mean, i've planted some seeds, watered them, then start a new game, thiking that i had have missed something, and the farm still have those seed planted O.o

    2. Talk to Divina in the guest room to check your corruption level.
      Once you get to the beach, there will be a girl selling at a stand, talk to her to buy the chocolate icecream.

      You're right, the farm isn't suppose to move between games. You've found a bug, it looks like it happens because the variables are global(they don't reset unless you close the game completely). I'll fix this for the next alpha but for now just close and then open the game window again before starting a new game to reset the farm. Thanks for your help with finding the bug.

  4. Ok, it's me again, heheh.
    Let's make somebody agro at me, shall we? ^^)

    1. Think you may need a proper writer for sexy times, you are not particularly stellar at it, writing ridiculous stuff like "he continues to X her for about X minutes".. it feels like "i was too lazy to write a proper, detailed sex scene so this will do" to me.
    2. Next is that squishy sex sound, frankly it's annoying and i fish i could turn it off before it turns me off.. if you get what i mean. ^^)
    3. I could fix the myriad of typos you got in your text if you compile and upload it for me somewhere, i want access to raw text without the game itself so i can sweep it quick.
    4. This maybe asking too much for now, but i'll say it anyway; the so called "pirate" in the bar with the bunny girl does not look like pirate at all. The same applies to many other guys, i know nobody really gives a damn about guys but it still adds to immersion and therefore important.
    Thats it for now i'm still progressing with my second playthrough after all, i'll keep you posted when i'll find other things that could use improvement, unless you don't need my advice anymore i can be a silent mute too. ^^)v

    1. 1) I do no calm to be a master of writing, and while I believe my writing be improve, I do not by any means believe I am a bad writer or a failure as a writer. I am working on improving my writing so it would be best if I wrote the scenes myself. It isn't an issue of laziness, I think the scenes are plenty long and detailed, especially compared to my previous work maids perfect, there are scenes even obsessively long and complex to develop, using over 200 CGs per scene(before most of them are cut). Adding custom animations with a program not made for animations on top of this, only increases the time it requires.

      2) I've gotten more sexual sound effects recently, no promises but I'll see what I can do.

      3) I'm aware of all the typos but this is an alpha so things will improve over time. I do minor fixes each release, but I am planning to go over the entire game a few times to fix grammar/spelling and search for any bug in the future. Thank you for the offer though, I will let you know if I need assistance in the future.

      4) He's not really suppose look like a pirate, he's suppose to look like a sailor despite clamming he's a pirate. Some of the things are done for humor but I don't believe characters are off from their sprites for the most part.
      If you're referring to the male 3D models, the CGs in this game were created using 3D Custom Girl, which male models can be limitedly replaced but not customized in. This can make it from difficult to impossible to get the male the way you want. If you look at other RPG Maker games that use 3DCG(such as Harem) you may notice the basic male model is used through out the game. It is something to be aware of when making CGs though.

      Thank you for your feedback.

    2. 1. I see, in that case i recommend you to play trials in tainted space and corruption of champions if you did not yet, they could teach you a lot.
      As for me, i think i am going to give your "maids perfect" a shot. ^^)

      2. I see, but those sounds are not-needed to be honest, your own imagination is better. Japanese VN's always annoyed me with them too and i may be not alone in this. So yeah at least a "turn off" option would be good to have.

      3. As you wish.

      4. I see, then note that combining humor and sex is... tricky at best, it's like combining horror and sex. Be sure what you want to do with a particular scene, do you want people to laugh? do you want people to fap? It's like they say - chase 2 rabbits, catch none.
      In regard to models, why don't you try it like this then:

      Doing it this way leaves room for imagination and does not make you question the appearance.
      Since it would seem that you have no problems with me continuing talking, let's do more then ^^) i generated some more already:

      5. During animated sex scenes the frame aroud text disappears, making it harder to read since the font is white and sometimes appears on light bodies and backgrounds, i think you need to get the frame back there, with dark background or dark semi-transparent one, the player will ctrl it if it's in the way.

      6. The cunts in this game look kinda gross, even on young girls who should have beautiful untouched slits they look like they have seen heaven and hell instead. Depending on the person this could be some major turn-off.

      7. Time of day is really bad idea i think, more hassle than it's worth, better to make it change by default whenever situation requires, such as quests.
      Or even better, you could make it simply stay as day or night depending on what player picks, like whenever you rest at your bed you can pick whether to change it to day or to night, by doing so we eliminate the nuisance of needing the bed clock and to select how long to sleep and other things.

    3. Tried Maids Perfect but couldn't get into it, way too many annoying bad ends for my liking, you can't really select a path that could can call your own, you options are either go linear or welcome to bad end. Sigh~
      Also the game should probably be renamed into Girls x Lust: The beginning or something like that cuz thats where the story starts, i was a bit surprised to find that out only after i tried girls x lust.

    4. Oh yeah almost forgot, another thing that caught my eye is that you have no warning screen on scat and waterworks, you may want to place warning screens on those with the option to skip, i don't particularly care but there are people who'd want to skip seeing that. ^^)v

    5. 1) Thank you but I have played both of those games before. As I said before I do not by any means believe that I am a failure as a writer. I do have own things I study though.

      2) I'd rather have sounds, the animations seem kind of "dead" to me when they didn't have any sounds.

      4) I don't really see any problem with the way I'm doing humor/sex. And I rather see the characters than use silhouettes.

      If you're referring to that other person said earlier, i can understand what he means, as there are things you say that come off as passively disrespectful or just disrespectful. I'm don't so much mean what you say, i mean how you say it.

      5) I have been playing with that recently, i will see what I can come up with for the next alpha.

      6) There is a different vagina i want to use but it didn't merge with the body correctly last time i tried, but I will try re-editing it at some point.

      7) This game is based around a time system, there are characters in the game who does things at certain times too. So I would have to rebuild a large portion of the game to remove it. But I don't see a need to remove it as I like the time system.


      There aren't many actual bad endings in the game maids perfect, but you will get a game over if you die though. The game is a linear game with options mostly just for dialog, if you don't like the game then it probably is not for you.
      As for the name, Girls x lust is based on maids perfect, and most people recognize maids perfect by the name "maids perfect", since it first came out, so I don't really see a need to change any names. It's true that only people who played enough of my games or have seen certain posts may know it's a sequel to maids perfect, but it's not required to play girls x lust.

      The scat/peeing scenes are optional and avoidable right now but I will add a warning if I think it becomes necessarily.

    6. 1. Hey, i never said that you're a failure so stop saying that lol.
      2. 4. and the rest. Sure thing, it's your business what you do with your game, regardless of what i am sayin' ^^)

      PS: I feel that you still haven't quite figured who you make your games for.
      Is it yourself, or your fan base?
      Don't expect to become very popular if all you listen to, is you. Just something to take note of. I'll be checking on your progress in next alpha. ^^)v

      Also don't be offended by how i express myself, it is never meant to offend anyone (unless i troll) it's just how it works with me. I never sugar coat or pamper, i tell straight - no strings attached, and always mean well even if i dont sound like it.

      Also you can trust what i am sayin', mostly because i am a gamer through and through, i game my way through all sorts of games every single day for 21 years now. My head is like huge gaming database, every trick, system, or solution, or w/e, a game dev has ever applied to a game - i know it, and have seen it before. I would normally never bother involving myself with a game that did not impress me and as you can imagine impressing someone with my experience is hard indeed. Your GxL game impressed me, and there is reason for that. So go on, continue to create, you will succeed if you continue to evolve as will your games through you.

    7. Oh yeah forgot again, Alpha06 was great.
      I loved how main story moved forward, that's exactly what caught my eye the most in your game. The scene where Colette gets dumped by her bf was exceptionally terrific. Keep up the good work. ^^)

    8. Please do not misunderstand, I do take in everything what my fans say even if it may not seem obvious. A developer who didn't care what their fans have to say wouldn't even bother replying. I have absolutely no problem with constructive criticism, it's a necessarily part of game development and can be fun, but in cases where constructive criticism is layered with completely unnecessary and unhelpful insults, it becomes less meaningful(but I wasn't saying you insulted me, I was just saying I understand why the other guy snapped at you, if you're angry at me because I was being honest about that, then maybe you should take your own advice on evolving. I never said I had a problem with you, so please do not misunderstand.). Please do no assume all I do is listen to myself just because I don't always give you the responses you desire. There are request you've made that are very good but other request like changing the entire make-up of the time system is unreasonable and would far extend this game past the time it's planned to be completed. Also, you can be "honest" with me rather I like it or not, but I will be honest with you rather you like it or not in turn.

      I assure you that I am also a gamer, as well as a game maker, so I am likely aware of far more than you think. But input from other gamers such as you can be a great plus depending on input.

      Regardless I do thank you for your feedback. But try not to get angry with me or tell me I won't become popular just because I don't change/add a feature you've requested(that's what the other person met about you being passive aggressive to try to get your way).

      There are plenty of people who like the way I'm developing the game as it is now, I have listened to my fans and have already implemented many features that were requested by others into this game over the past months. It may not be much consolation but I am planning to add a background of some kind behind the text during animations for the next alpha which you've suggested. Also, as I said, I do listen to fans, value their input and if their request is fit for the game, I try to add them into the game. Lastly, if I turn down your request to add/change something in the game, don't expect repetitively insinuating I won't be popular to ever bend me to your request, it will not now nor will it ever, and I cannot call using that tactic respectable.


      Thank you, I am currently working on the next release, alpha 0.07, I will let you guys know when it's ready.

    9. It seems you got way too many misunderstandings going on, but whatever i don't want to continue wasting my time on further explanation attempts. Like i said earlier it's up to you what you do with your game, you can ignore every word i say for all i care. I do not force anyone to do anything.

      PS: "There are plenty of people"
      I wouldn't call 27 patrons - plenty of people, so don't get cocky. :>
      Plus among those people how many actually have at least half the experience with games that i do?
      You think you can make a legend of a game by yourself? Well... let's see you try.

    10. And apparently you've misunderstood what I've said as well, and now you're angry just as I've said, because you can't have your way. Like I said earlier, I did not ignore what you said, please do not think I am trying to ignore you, I replied to all your suggestions you've listed, I wouldn't bother replying if I was trying to ignore you, I replied because I value your input regardless of how much of it makes it in game or not. Please do not get angry with me because you did not receive the reply you desired or me stating that I will add/change all of the features you want.

      I wasn't attempting to be cocky and I wasn't referring to my patreon, I was referring to all the people who actually play the game, patreon accounts for less than 1/100 of 1 percent of the total downloads. You're opinion is valuable, and you bring unique experiences to the table, but understand that every other fan's input is just as valued as yours, you are not above or better than any other fan, if a suggestion you make is deemed fit for the game I try to add it, if it is not, it may depend on the suggestions I receive from a larger group of people if it gets added.
      I'm sorry if this is not what you want, but developing this way is fair, I suggest you accept that and stop pulling out the "doomed popularly card" every time you don't get your way, as I am not obsessed with dollar signs like you seem to be as you keep mentioning patreon stats even now(if I was obsessed, I would have stopped making games a long time ago).

      I am the sole developer of the game, just like many other h-game developers create their games solo, BUT (depending on the developer) they take in the feedback of others and adjust the game as they see fit based on that and may even allow fans to engage in the development in some ways, that is exactly what I have been doing, through things such as in taking feedback, adjusting the game to it, and fan polls.
      In that sense, as well as with all the people who are kindly supporting me through patreon and the like, I am not making the game by myself and I have not made any claims to deny this. My fans are important to me and without them I have stopped developing this game a long time ago. And yes, their are plenty of people who like the way I'm developing games now. I may work alone, but I'm not by myself in this. You insinuate I'm trying to ignore the feedback of fans? That's just not true, nor was it ever.

    11. I'm a different anon from before. Do not mean to butt-in to your conversation, but I found it interesting so I gave it all a read, including the ones from the other post. So I have to say, after reading all that.......I’m with Pizzacat on this one. The other guy does seem aggressive and out of line to me.

      Pizzacat, I believe you are doing an astonishing job with your games and just in general. And you just keep getting better and better, something you can do with or without putting up with him. You will always have my support for one! Please keep it up! :)

  5. I believe you can still add one more scene with the PonyGuy when Colette get to a certain amount of Moral Degeneration .

    1. thank you, another scene would fit in well there. It will basically be up to everyone voting in the next polls, but the ponyguy seems popular and has won the last poll vote, so it's very possible colette will get another scene with him when her moral degeneration is lower.

  6. Hey . . . could you use MEGA? I really prefer this one = /

    1. MEGA doesn't allow me to check certain file statistics, so I usually use mediafire, but I don't want anyone to have trouble downloading the game.
      I can add a download link to MEGA if you want, can you tell me if you want me to upload it with or without the RTP?