Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Puzzle system video

Hi everyone,
With the other elements of the game, gxl also has a puzzle system inspired by the game "the miss adventures of tron bonne".   If you have played the last alpha of gxl, you may have already seen alot of this before.  Since I haven't talked too much about it yet, I though I would post a short video in case anyone is curious to see it.

You can see a test of the puzzle system below:

Alternately you can download in HQ here.

The objective of the puzzle system is to collect treasure(by/before nebi runs out of energy to carry them) from the spirit world that you can later back to your own world(this feature is planned to be added in the future once divina's role is shown in the story).  The video above also includes one map that's not in the last alpha.

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