Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Himeji (Yandere) gameplay video

Hi everyone,
This is something else that I'm just posting for fun,
it shows some gameplay of a game I've made a little after I started using RPGMaker VXACE(this is unrelated to gxl or broken hymn) .

The video below shows a testplay of the game himeji:

Alternately, you can download it in HQ here or watch the shorter version on Youtube

The video shows a play-through of most of the game with a bad end, including a little bit of gameplay not in the demo I posted in the past(note that their are bugs in the game).  Also there is no h-content in the video.

Just to be clear, this game was never officially in development nor are their any plans to make it further(I haven't worked on this since before I completed maids perfect).

You can find out more about the game in my original post here.

Also gxl version 0.03 will be out before the end of this month.

That's all for now,
See you all later.


  1. oohh! o.0 I wanna more Himeji stuff! XD

  2. Oh just a question °.° how far goes the game? And did you made it longer or shorter then before? °.°

    1. Um, which game, do you mean Himeji? All together it's about twice as long the demo I've posted but that game isn't in development though. If you mean one of the other games, Broken Hymn is still in development, and gxl 0.03 will be out sometime this month. Thanks for your questions. ^^

    2. Will you uploade more of Himeji? ^.^
      Besides: (Perhaps I already said it cause I always do): My favourite Terms in Hentai Games are: 1. Boy transform to Girl (NOT transexual! to a REAL Girl) 2. Lesbian 3. Impregnation + Birth + Egglaying 4. Girl transforms into an Monster Girl = P 5. Did I already said Lesbian? XP

    3. Ps: A Futanari is still a Lesbian XD

    4. Well I could upload the last demo of himeji but it's not much longer than the video i posted here though.
      Nice ones, sounds like you might like a game called village of nightmare(if you haven't already played it).

  3. do you intend to retake the sakurahime development? the demo is short but looks like a good game

    1. Thanks for your interest!
      For Sakurahime, right now the plan is to eventually rebuild Sakurahime at a higher-quality, especially if there is a strong desire from you guys for it. Sakurahime is one of my 2 favorite h-games I've made. A bit more about it here: