Saturday, March 22, 2014

Maids release date

Hi everyone,
This is just another small update to let everyone know that
Maids - Perfect is completed now (Story, CGs, spellchecking and everything else all done.)
As of right now, I'm just finishing adding some bonus content.


(image above is the demon fnia from the game.)

Um, so I'll be posting the full version of Maids - Perfect later tommorrow. ^^
I'll also post a CG pack containing all of CGs in the game.

see you later.


  1. How much more content does the full release have compared to v0.5?

  2. um, full chapter 5, an epilogue, and some bonus stuff afterwards. There's also a number of small edits and the game now runs on rpgmaker vxace. ^^
    but I'll post a bit more about the game on my next post.
    The game is now ready to upload, so I should be posting in within the next 24 hours.