Friday, February 21, 2014

Maids Perfect nears completion

Hi everyone,
This is just a small update to let everyone that maids perfect is nearing completion.
 My goal right now is to finish it this month, but if not, it should be out sometime in the early part of march.

Um, that's for now,
see you later.

Update 3/18:
Sorry for the wait, I had wanted to add a little more to the game, but the story and CGs are all completed now, all I need to do now is spell/grammar check everything and do some small
edits.  But the game should be online in the late part of march.  ^^;


  1. Sakurahime crashes after like 20 sec everytime and Maids Perfect's zip file is broken or something it dont wanna let me unzip it

    1. Um, are you by chance using windows 8 to run the game? If so, it seems like there maybe an incompatibility problem with windows8 and game maker 7's sound(though I'm not sure since I only have windows 7):
      but I'm planning to convert the game to the new game maker studio's format though, so that should fix that problem(um, if that is the problem...).

      As for maids perfect, it sounds like the file maybe corrupted, could you try downloading it again and also make sure your zip file extractor is up-to-date or try using 7zip to extract it, you can download 7zip here:

      Sorry for your trouble, I hope this helps. Also is anyone else here also having trouble running sakurahime and if so what operating system do you use?