Monday, April 7, 2014

So, what's next?

Hi everyone,
With maids - perfect finished, you maybe wondering what's next.  I actually have something I've been working on in the past recent months and it will be my first major h-game(aside from sakurahime).   Um, I'll hold off on details about it for now.

I haven't really posted anything about game development in awhile, so my next few posts maybe about game development(maybe other things too), all indirectly related to the game I'm making, until I'm ready to release a demo of the game.  ^^;

Um, that's all for now,
See you later.


  1. I really like your game Maids, I didn't finish it yet, But it's awesome.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with next
    Can you at least say what style the game is going to be?
    Classic RPG, Modern game, Medieval etc....

    1. thanks ^^,
      as for the style of the game it will be very dark, not in modern times, and more realistic. ^.-

  2. Sorry to bother you, but the game Sakurahime will not open, and I did not know how else to contact you. It says; error: 'herlie' sound file not found in 'data\sounds\' directory, if this has happened before, please help

    1. Um, are you by chance using windows 8 to run the game? If so, it seems like there maybe an incompatibility problem with windows8 and game maker 7's sound(though I'm not sure since I only have windows 7):
      but I'm planning to convert the game to the new game maker studio's format though, so that should fix that problem(um, if that is the problem...).

  3. Can we expect demo or alpha?
    Or you gonna publish only finished product?
    Just a tease will do, Screenshot or something like that

    1. yes, there will an alpha/demo of the game in the future.
      There will also be a "tease" on the blog and things indirectly related
      to it maybe. ^^