Monday, November 27, 2023

OM and MMD update 11/27

Hi everyone,

this is just a quick update.

Right now, I'm planning to release Ovulating Maiden v0.25 by the end of this month.  This will be a smaller update, with the biggest new things being a new erotic scene with a number of new erotic animations for Victoria, Lorelei and Shiri, as well as character sprites for Lela(the second-in-command guard of the freya resistance group on Luxira Justin's route) and little bit more storyline.  As well as more minor things such as larger character silhouette sprites and spelling/grammar fixes.

Since this is a smaller update to the story, so it will be call v0.25.

Also, I've posted 3 new erotic Miku Miku Dance(MMD) videos on my iwara this month, you can view them here: 

As well as 9 new MMD videos over the last 2 months on the youtube channel here:

Um, that's all for now,

see you all later.

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