Sunday, October 1, 2023

om update 10/1

 Hi everyone,

this is a short update.  I've been planning to release the new demo of Ovulating Maiden in September, but have been running behind for a number of reasons, so right now I'm planning to release it by the middle of October.  Note though, that the new content on the demo might be not be very long(though I'm not sure just yet).  Also, sorry for being away for so long, and I want to let everyone know that I'm doing okay, and I thank you all for your support.

Also, I'm planning to start a public Discord group very soon, once it's ready, I will post an invite link to it on my baraag page if anyone would like to join.  Please be on the lookout for it there if you are interested.

Um, that's all for now,

see you all later.


  1. np, its nice to know youre ok

    1. thanks a lot. I'm doing okay. i've also started a lewdtuber youtube channel too and just released a new version of OM.