Friday, December 31, 2021

new demo coming soon

 Hi everyone,

over the last couple of months,  I've mostly just been posting alot of 3D art I made on my pixiv and baraag accounts relating to Conception Maiden(most of the stuff is spoilers so I haven't posted them here).  However lately I've been having a some more free time and been making a lot of progress on the game development again, so right now I'm planning to release a new demo Conception Maiden sometime next month.  This will probably be about 2 or 3 times longer than the last demo.

There has been a lot of both smaller and bigger changes since the last demo.  The next will also include Victoria's pregnancy and birth(which is already animated).  A number of the character models have updated to, so first, here are the updated characters(spoiler warning):


The human characters, from left to right: 
Yuri: a particularly fit and athletic girl, who competed in sporting events.
Nakiri: a slighly chubby girl who is easily frightened.
Miyumi: a somewhat serious girl. Use to babysit Minori in the past.
Minori:  the main character.  A shy and docile boy. He has a huge crush on Miyumi.
Kanae:   a girl who's a bit of a delinquent and was on the verge of dropping out of college.

The elves, from left to right:
Victoria: A massive, motherly elf who finds Minori sleeping in a pod.
Lorelei: The daughter of Victoria.  A very kind and friendly girl, who stands 6 feet tall despite her young age.

The rival monster girls, from left to right:
The orcs(pig girls) Hamleta and Babe.
The scarlet clads Yoko and Isabell.
The giant ogre Rhilrua.

The goddess, Mitis: The perverse fertility goddess, worshiped by monster girls. Mitis loves both humans and monster girls. 
All of the characters above will appear.  The character models that changed the most over the last few months might be the Orcs, who have been made to look more fat and pig-like.  The clads outfits have been updated a bit and the Ogre is now even taller than Victoria.  There is also a new human character, Kanae.  Victoria's nipples have been enhanced(will probably only be seen in the birthing scene at the moment) and Lorelei's eyes have changed slightly.

Aside from the characters, the eventing system has been updated to make it easier to setup events in the game and number of things have been updated for GMS2 like some of the tiling and maps.  Some of the dialog has been updated, the storyline has been expanded, and some of the sprites/animations have been updated.  

There is also a bigger change I've done with changing how the enemies fight during side-view battles.  I've made a system so they can combine different sets of custom moves and I'm planning to hopefully make their fights more closer to something like Megaman boss battles.  This is only partly complete though, so the enemies might not actually attack the player in the next demo.  
These are many of the changes that will appear in the next demo.
Here are a few new screenshots of the game:


Also, once I release the new demo of conception maiden, I'm planning to focus on making a new demo of Immoral Sorceress.  Right now the plan for Immoral Sorceress is to complete the 2nd village with the current 3D custom girl graphics, and then possibly switching to using koikatsu 3D graphics for renders(and possibly breaking it into a sequel game with the koikatsu graphics).

Also thank you everyone for the patreon support dispite that I've only been able to release 3D art for the past few months.  I'm sorry for all the delay to everyone looking forward to the games.


That's all for now,
See you all later.


  1. glad to hear your doing okay

  2. My opinion for Immoral Sorceress would be to just start on the sequel now with the Koikatsu models instead of after the second village. It seems like a good place to start the sequel; she just summoned a succubus, she’s about to get her penis back. It feels like a good place. It is entirely up to you though.

    1. thanks for the suggestion, yeah I'm thinking about doing this too, though I'm not sure how long it would take to remake the models in koikatsu.

  3. Thanks everyone, new demo is out now!