Saturday, February 18, 2017

Broken Hymn Development + Poll

Hi everyone,
The next release of Broken Hymn is planned to continue the story as well as have a new h-scene at the very beginning of the game(this will be the first h-scene within the game).  I will try to keep you guys updated as it develops.  Overall the game is planned to include a wide variety of fetishes as it's development progresses, some planned fetishes include: M-F, yuri, femdom, rape, futa, ntr, experimentation, monster-girl, gangbang, prostitution, amputee.

For the monster girls, there will probably be about 3 major races of them.  In Broken Hymn, these monster girls are considered very dangerous and are ravisher towards the male sex, even keeping males as their property.  I will try to post some concept images/CGs showing the monster girls on my patreon sometime soon.

Also, there is something I would like to poll you guys on.  There doesn't seem to be as much interest in Broken Hymn as any of my other main games and the amount of work needed to develop it is much greater than any of my other rpg maker games.  However, Broken Hymn is probably my favorite out of all my rpg maker games.

So I've made a poll for Broken Hymn and I was wondering if everyone here could vote on it:

Thank everyone,
see you all soon.


  1. You shouldn't think that there is no interest Broken Hymn as it is still very early in development. Many people including myself usually wait until there is a lot more content before we start playing. So while it may seem that there is less interest I really doubt that because Broken Hymn seems to be the most interesting game you made so far, also that with the poll is a good idea and I m sure that it will prove that there is interest for this game.

  2. Thank you, you might be right. It's just that the signs I've used in the past seem to show little interest(compared to any of my other main games), so I was wondering how can you tell when a game is supported or there is interest? Any signs of interest or encouragement from you guys are very helpful to me and my motivation. One kind of big thing I think some people are waiting for though, is for the game to have erotic content, so maybe more of you guys will try it in the next release.

    I also think the version numbers for BH might confuse people, as they are not met to represent the level of content or how close the game is to completion, instead they are just met as a way to tell different releases apart for BH. So I may stop using version number on the next release and instead just refer to each build by month/year. But you are right, despite when it started, the game is in early development.

    Also when I first released BH, the feedback I got for it was generally very good. Regardless, I am glad that you seem to like this game.
    Thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciate it.

  3. well in my case im more interested in the kind of content it would have i love the last game you did especially the mayor daughter parts but i love all of it so ill wait for more content to judge this game. but i must admit right now i dont have that much interest well see when the game develop more

    1. Thank you for your feedback! There is a wide variety of content planned for BH.

    2. one thing though is this game concentrated more in the boy or the girl since is giving that vibe of being two stories that connect eventually

    3. For right now it's both of them, things are planned to changed later, but saying how right now would be a spoiler.

  4. Well I stumbled upon the game, because I was looking for games with femdom themes. Maybe you could spice up some Mina-Lean scenes in the early beginning of the game to get people interested from the start.
    I don't mean a fully sex encounter, but some more innuendo. For example when Mina is in the garden with Lean and teases him about his height. Maybe have Lean stare at her feet a bit longer, which Mina noticed and teases him, if he likes her feet?

    Also I hope you keep on developing the game. The setting is good and has potential. If it gets too much to do all, maybe just concentrate on Lean though. Can see many femdom themed scenarios with him, which could be explored. From being cuckolded, because Mina needs to win favours from foreign princes; to becoming Mina's stress reliever and punching bag in many ways, since so much pressure is on her; and Mina's feeling change over time to see him more as a pet and treating him accordingly.

    1. Thanks alot for the suggestions, they are really good, so I might do as you say about making it more innudendo if I'm able to fit it into the story well. Also, I've been thinking about doing similar in the past and was planning to add a sex scene at the beginning of the game.

      Femdom is also one of my favorite hentai themes, so you might have figured out somethings I was planning for Lean's storyline.

      Right now, I don't want to stop developing Broken Hymn, so I've been planning a little.
      Sorry for the late reply, and thank you very much for your suggestions. ^^

    2. Glad you will go on and liked my suggestions!:) Lean surely has lots of potential to be used, humiliated and degraded by his Princess/Queen. ;)