Monday, September 12, 2016

GxL gallery system and more

Hi everyone,
Girls x Lust Beta 0.99 is now in the final stages of debugging.  This update can be considered a "major update of minor changes", with a significant amount of minor spell checking done throughout the game, and a number of event edits.  Since some of these things might be hard to notice, I will try to make a list of some of them below.

In addition to this, the game now has a Bonus Room that can be accessed from the title screen, a new final erotic scene with animation, and a fully-functional gallery system(though I'm still debugging the scenes in it now) with a total of 46 h-scenes(34 of these are the ones that include animation).

The gallery data is saved separately from everything else in the Game.ini file, so as you find scenes in the game, they will also be unlocked in the gallery.  All the locked scenes will give a hint below on how to unlock them.  There are also a few h-scenes in the gallery that has special conditions to unlock(these scenes are not anywhere in the main game, only in the gallery).

Also, in addition, there are now 2 fortune teller twins in-game who will tell you what to do next whenever you're not sure.

Here is a list of the changes in Beta 0.99:
-Spelling/grammar check throughout the game
-Gallery system is now functional
-Maimi will now sell you rare seeds at the farm if you give her a chocolate ice cream bar
-Baby chick can now grow into an adult chicken and an egg once a day
-Lockbeard will now give you money for a reward instead of a key
-If Sophia doesn't talk to Lockbeard, there will be a small amount of money left in his cell
-Finin no longer tries to sell fish
-Chapel donations are no longer requested
-Henrietta now sells more items
-Letta now only sells one item at the convenience store
-Toll/Minda now only sells one item at the drug store
-erotic scenes are now kept track of for gallery
-major characters are now kept track of for bonus room
-game overs are now kept track of for bonus room
-Mimi's savings no longer has an option to steal from it
-Cell phone is now just a normal item
-Card category removed from pause menu
-Skill and Status options removed from pause menu
-Bonus Room added to title screen
-Fortune teller Tilda added to Mother District
-Fortune teller Hilda added to Beach
-Character mini-bios added to bonus room
-Tilda/Ailda now used for Lithchlo's dialog in Bonus Room
-Additional minor dialog changes
 -bug causing certain events to appear at home when they weren't suppose to is fixed
-Addition minor bug fixes

Girls x Lust Beta 0.99 is coming very soon, once it is released I will continue making the rest of the walk-through guide and try to check for any other bugs, and then release version 1.0, the fully completed version of the game.  I hope you guys will like it.

That's all for now,
see you later


  1. 2 Questions (one Question and one begging): 1. Can she get pregnant by the dog? = I

    2. Please! I beg you! In your next Game DON´T DO any corruption system! >.< Or if you do then at least make the option to get raped "Without" getting corrupted! = ( or something like that I mean: Your next Game looks damn awesome . . . BUT I HATE corruption systems or Characters that Turn Corrupted in fact I hate it SO much that I often not even continue playing Games that make their Characters corrupted = ( So PLEASE no matter what you do in your next Fantasy like Sword and adventure Game don´t make the Protagonist Girl like in GxL (I mean that she shall not have the possibility to get corrupted) Or AT LEAST make the Main rute like that she doesn´t get corrupted in the Main Storyline = ( Because I would really like to play or continue playing your Games but I won´t be able to motivate (or force) myself to do so if every single one of your Games turn their Characters to Brainless Silly-Fucked prostitutes = / ok? Just sayin, And I mean this just as an positive suggestion = )

    1. Hi Christin,
      Unfortunately, I likely won't have time to add any new scenes to GxL since it's planned to be completed this month, I'm sorry.

      As for your other question, while not mindless, there maybe corruption in Broken Hymn, but there probably won't be a corruption system. Sorry, I don't usually think of Broken Hymn in normal terms of corruption, so I'm not sure if it will be something you'll like to play or not. Thanks, I am planning to make broken hymn more after gxl is completed, though I'm not entirely sure about the scope of corruption at the moment. ^^' But thanks for your feedback/questions.

    2. Well, as long as the protagonist in Broken himn doesn't gets as sex crazed and corrupted as in GxL i think i could accept it ... but i would even like it if it does not has forced corruption but instead avoidable corruption trough decisions = )

  2. Please delete this Wily acc or something . . . I accidentally used my Dad's account =.= sooo please? = /