Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lithchlo - Boobjob (HTML5 Game)

Hi everyone,
As previously posted on my Patreon,
This is a my first attempt at a small HTML5 game done in a style found in many flash games.
It was created using HTML5 and JavaScript, with animations created in MMD.    

You can play the game online here:

Alternately, you can download the game here(updated):

To play this, just unzip and open the file called index.html.

This is rather experimental as I would like to know if you guys are
interested in playing these types of games.  I wouldn't mind making a
small series of mini-games with this character like this and maybe
hosting them online for people to play as online games on my blog, if
you guys like something like this.

Please give this a try and let me know what you all think! ^^

Edit: Thanks you everyone for helping me.  I've decided to try using for online hosting for now.
 Edit 2: Updated to work in multiple web browsers

Also, girls x lust alpha 0.04 will be out sometime this month.
See you all later.


  1. you mean sites related to hentai games? well, I know a few ones but I don't know if they are free (I never made a hentai game), there is one called, another called, one that I don't really use called funny-games.bis (I donst use because doesn't look like a "trustworthy" site, looks like you can get a virus at any moment), one with a little more direct name calle (it's good despite the name), and you can just put the game in the LOK forum and the other forums related, personally I don't like games made in the HTML5, but I really liked your games so far, so it can't be that bad

    1. thank you, though it looks like all the sites you've mentioned are only for flash games(unless I've mistaken) and I was thinking of something more direct. something that i could even use to embed the game in this blog if i wanted to would be the most ideal, if possible. I was thinking about hosting on a cloud host such google drive, dropbox, or skydrive but none of them allows adult content. Putting it on another adult site that allows/has html5 games and telling others to play it there could be possible, or the only other option i can think it would be to use an actual free website host that allows hentai(i could embed it in this blog that way). I'm still looking into it though.
      Basically I just want to have the game playable online but i need someone to host my files to do it(HTML5 games are in multiple files/folders usually, while flash games are usually just a single swf file). Thanks for your suggestions, I'll keep looking.

  2. There's always MEGA.

    1. thanks, but as far as i can tell(please correct me if i'm wrong), you can't use mega as an actual website host, you can only use it for direct dowloading(a web browser will only download the files instead of viewing them as online webpages, this probably has to do with the way the cloud service was made to deliver files).

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe, but I think with kimochi, the user must download the game and then play it offline(though i haven't ever tried it before), what i was looking for was for a way of letting the user play the game directly online through a link or by having the game actually embedded in a webpage. An example of this would be like flash games on newgrounds you can play online(but newgrounds is for flash not html5).

  4. mediafire seems to have deleted the file ....

    1. That's odd, I just checked the file and is still able to download it. If you're trying to download from different computer than usual, it's possible that a proxy or firewall is blocking the website. If you would like, I can upload it to a different website for you download.
      I'm also wondering, is anyone else having trouble downloading from mediafire?

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    1. I have but I'm unable to find any option to host files there in the same manner as a website(which i would need for html5 to be playable online). Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    1. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell i can only use mega for direct downloading(I can't use it for website hosting files to be played online) in the same way i'm using mediafire for direct downloads right now. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    1. Thanks you're right. The file was only viewable by me it looks like. I've re-uploaded the game and updated the link. If you'll have trouble downloading any other of my games please let me know.

  8. Hey, I just wanted to ask: Do you have a lot of free Time or not so much?
    Because I wanted to ask you if you could draw me some Characters (Mostly from the stories i am currently working at) °.° This would be a really big help for me but I can´t request you this if you don´t have any Time left to draw them and besides it all depends on if you actually are willing to help me at this point = /
    Sooo,PLEASE answer no mather Why, either to cancel my request or either to accept my wish = P
    . . .
    (oh and don´t worry! My expectations aren´t soooo High! It would be just nice to have some Picture of my Chars -^.^-)

    1. First, thank you a lot for the offer, however my free time is limited at the moment, so I will have to turn you down at least for now, sorry. I might could draw one character for you once but I probably wouldn't be able to draw multiple characters for you every month. If you email me here: , I can try to email you back if/when I'm open to doing this, but I can't make any promises right now. But thank you very much again for your interest.

    2. Hmm, well I do would like two or three per month but if this would cause you trouble I either wouldn´t be happy with it sooo . . . do you think you could managa to do at least one per month? it could be "whenever" you have time = D well IF you can then I still would have to see if you can draw good enough but since I already saw your Chars from your Games i am pretty confident that you can be as good as my expetations ; P and well it would be without Porn = o

    3. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the offer however my free time is limited at the moment so I don't think I would be able to do that the way I would like to right now. But maybe sometime in the future. Thanks again. ^^;

  9. Ps: I also could pay Monay if necesary = o or a even better idea would be if you always draw Chars for me i could send you every Month a part of the money i will someday earn with selling the Books of my Stories ; P