Sunday, May 26, 2013

mini h-platforming demo

Hi everyone,
Um sorry, it's been far too long since my last post.  This is something like a small tech-demo to show what platforming in sakurahime could be like.  I've actually made most of this before I've even started sakurahime(as a small part of a different game).

Note though, the platforming in this game is quite a bit buggy(I made most of this before I knew about things such as mask or other things related to collision), these bugs are already fixed in sakurahime though.  So this is sort of just to give you an idea of what the platforming in sakurahime will be like.

The name of the demo is Magical Girl Pink, it's a very short demo with h-elements in it.
Left/Right Arrow - Walk
Up - jump/climb vine
Down - duck
Ctrl - punch(press again to kick)
Shift - strong punch
Enter - magical energy shot
Backspace - provoke enemy to have sex

download link:

Um, I also have a demo of something else I can post but I think I'll wait to post it for now.
sorry, still not sure when the next sakurahime version will be ready though, and I will try not to let this blog get so outdated again. ^^;
Um, please feel free to let me know what you think of the demo(I enjoy reading your comments...).

see you later.


  1. Wow, glad to see this blog isn't dead! :D

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah, glad you are back. Please update this blog at least once a month even if the topic are just random stuff so that I won't forget about this interesting game.

    1. thanks, sorry, I'll try to update more often, it's really been awhile since my last post. ^^;

  3. Yeah checking your site every day pays off :D:D im downloading game now. :D

  4. demo sais after the intro. curupt file.. is it a bug?

    1. um, could you tell me what's the exact error message you're getting and by after the intro do you mean after you transform and can move freely?
      Or do you mean the 7zip file(make sure you use an updated version of 7zip to open it)?

  5. Yeah still alive :D
    I ve no problems with the demo and think the platform would be great for sakurahime
    I hope we hear something from you sooner then last time ;P

    1. um, sorry, looks like i took way too long to reply... ^^;
      but I'm planning another update soon. :)

  6. dont want to use new engine for your hentai game (using illusion premium play darkness? Go to, it's fully customizable and better looking models)

    1. um, well I like premium play but I don't think it has a pose editor like 3DCG(though I'm not sure) since I would need to be able to make custom poses and since 3DCG been out alot longer and more made for customization it has much more mods. But the models on the next version should look a little bit better than the last version of sakurahime. ^^;
      but thanks for the suggestion, and sorry my reply is so late... ^^;

  7. Replies
    1. no, it's still alive, I'll post an update about it soon. ^^

  8. hi, could you reupload ur games to another site like mediafire or 4shared? i cant download from another site cuz my isp using dynamic ip system


    1. um, sure, I've updated the links and added mediafire mirrors. ^^

  9. Replies
    1. Yea, sorry I disappeared again, I'm still alive. ^^;
      I'll post another update very soon.

  10. Replies
    1. no, don't worry, both projects are still alive. ^^;
      I haven't been making them much in a while though, but lately i've been focusing on making maids perfect again, so I can say for sure I should have new version of maids perfect out this year(still not sure when exactly though...) ^^;